Essar Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Limited (EOGEPL)

Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Limited (EOGEPL), an investee company of Essar Global Fund Limited, is reshaping India’s energy landscape through Unconventional Hydrocarbons. EOGEPL is the first operator to demonstrate CBM commerciality and the largest player in India with a capacity of over 1 million standard cubic meters per day. It has 12TCF reserves in CBM and shale. With flagship assets in Raniganj and Mehsana in India, EOGEPL produces enough gas to power 140,000 CNG vehicles. Our deepest endeavour lies in delivering innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth.

Our Expertise

EOGEPL is the pioneer of CBM in India and is backed by a team of industry-leading professionals who hold a wealth of experience and expertise in the oil and gas sector. Our technical effectiveness, combined with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the industry, allows us to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with exploration and production. To improve efficiency, the company has used innovative ways like Hydraulic Fracturing, Microbial and Radial Drilling, Coring, effective Water management, etc. Further, it has integrated operations with high levels of automation and digitalisation to firm up its leadership position in the industry.


EOGEPL is a pioneer in CBM development. Essar was the first Indian company to recognize the potential of unconventional hydrocarbon source of CBM in India. Essar was the First in India to drill three test wells to appraise CBM Potential in Mehsana, Gujarat in the year 1993-1994. Since then, the exploration team is dedicated to finding new opportunities and adding to the resource under the EOGEPL profile. In parallel, the team is deploying the latest technologies in pursuit of solutions for global challenges and is minimising risk for reserve accretion.

Field Development

Developing a field to its best potential is a key expertise EOGEPL has achieved through decades of experience in building large projects. Raniganj field is considered as the showcase model for India’s CBM industry with its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Currently, the field has ~350 wells spread across 82 well pads in ~500 SKM area. From well placement to achieving production targets, drilling of wells to producing gas by hydro-fracturing, and designing suitable facilities and pipelines to send the gas to customers, goes through multiple processes under field development. The EOGEPL team has achieved the highest production by identifying a suitable development strategy and merging its global experience with field-specific innovations.

Safety & sustainability

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety for our workforce. We also put the impetus on minimising our environmental footprint through the adoption of best practices and innovative technologies.


For different projects, EOGEPL has partnered with some of the global veterans and best in the industry such as Baker-Huges, Schlumberger, Almansoori, and Weatherford to name a few. We believe in the power of collaboration and foster strong partnerships with governments, local communities, and industry peers. By working together, we create a positive impact, contribute to economic development, and build relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Community engagement

EOGEPL recognises the importance of community engagement and endeavours to be a responsible corporate citizen. Jono Vikas Kendra project focused on providing free education to children of our neighbouring communities, and Neelshikha focused on giving free gas to local schools are very well appreciated and looked upon by the communities. We actively support initiatives that promote education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods, empowering the communities in which we operate to thrive alongside us.

Future outlook

As we look to the future, we are committed to standing at the forefront of the CBM industry. We will continue to invest in R&D and cutting-edge technologies, explore new opportunities, and optimise our operations to ensure long-term success. By embracing innovation and sustainability, we aim to contribute to a cleaner, more secure energy future for generations to come.