Raniganj – Shale

Unleashing the untapped shale potential of Raniganj field

Raniganj field, with its vast 8 TCF of shale resources, has a bright opportunity to harness its untapped potential which can contribute significantly towards Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of making India a gas-based economy. The formation, consisting of a thick sequence of dark grey to black, micaceous, fissile shale, is undeniably the door to the country’s energy future!

The shale’s ferruginous laminae and thin bands of dense, hard, cryptocrystalline clay ironstone make it an ideal candidate for extraction. With three core holes planned in FY2024, the field is poised to significantly contribute towards production, propelling economic growth and development for upcoming generations.

A sneak peek into the riches of Raniganj

Shale resources

Resources in place: 8 TCF

The nature of shale is ferruginous laminae and thin bands of dense, hard, cryptocrystalline clay ironstone.

3 Core Holes Planned in FY2024

Lower carbon emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels like coal, making it a cleaner source of energy

Advanced drilling and extraction techniques that guarantee higher production

Present in large quantities which make it a reliable source of energy for the country.

Igniting India’s energy revolution

Within the Raniganj Block, there’s an occurrence of organic shales below the coal reservoir. This discovery is considered significant because it represents a potentially abundant and valuable resource, in addition to the coal reserves already known in the area. These organic shales have the potential to be economically viable and can provide an additional source of energy or raw materials. The presence of shale reserves in the Raniganj Block increases the overall potential and attractiveness of the region for energy exploration and development.

Energising India’s green transition

India's commitment to a greener future requires a diverse energy mix. Shale reserves in Raniganj offer a bridge between traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. By responsibly extracting and utilising shale resources, India can continue its sustainable development journey while reducing its carbon footprint.

Empowering India and driving economic growth through Raniganj shale extraction

EOGEPL’s visionary approach to extracting shale reserves in Raniganj is propelling India’s energy revolution forward. By harnessing these abundant resources, we are helping the Nation to secure a reliable and sustainable energy supply, paving the way for a brighter future.

With our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, we strive to contribute towards India’s gas production growth by unlocking the potential of Raniganj’s shale reserves. Our responsible extraction methods are not only creating jobs but also boosting local economies, making a positive impact on the Nation as a whole.