Raniganj Block

Unfolding the potential of Raniganj CBM block

The Raniganj East CBM block is the flagship asset of Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Ltd (EOGEPL), built with an investment of ~₹ 5,500 crores. It is located in Burdawan district of West Bengal. The block boasts of thick Permo-Carboniferous Gondwana coal seams and covers a ~500 sq. km. area in the prolific Damodar Valley Basin. It is a well-planned state-of-the-art gas infrastructure located in the heart of a high-growth industrial cluster in the Eastern part of India. It has 4 TCF of CBM and 8 TCF of Shale resources in place.

A sneak peek into the riches of Raniganj

CBM Block

Resources in place: 4 TCF 

Spread across ~500 sq. km. area in the prolific Damodar valley basin

350 wells drilled and hydro-fractured

Current production 0.85 MMSCMD

5 Gas Gathering Stations and compressor station with capacity to compress upto 3.0 MMSCMD

Block is connected to 2,540 km Urja Ganga Gas pipeline, the national gas grid, facilitating gas evacuation from the East to other parts of the country

A firm offtake contract with AAA+ rated Indian Navratna, GAIL (India) limited is in place

3P + 2C reserves: 1 TCF

State-of-the-art and high-yielding production facility and infrastructure

EOGEPL has demonstrated its expertise in CBM development with the successful drilling of 350 CBM wells in the Raniganj area. The company has also established state-of-the-art compression and five gas gathering stations capable of compressing up to 3 MMSCMD of gas. Furthermore, EOGEPL has implemented top-notch water treatment facilities and indigenously set up a 300 km gas and water pipeline network to support its operations in the region.

EOGEPL is also connected to the Urja Ganga Pipeline, a 2,540 km long national pipeline connecting gas grid from Uttar Pradesh to Odisha, becoming a significantly cheaper alternative for transporting gas from West Bengal to other parts of the country.


EOGEPL conducts a thorough surface and sub-surface survey using remote sensing and seismic studies. Before drilling wells, a well-planned coring is done by geological experts to ascertain the best area for further drilling, optimising the best production from the field. EOGEPL is at the forefront when it comes to R&D in the field using the best-in-class technologies such as Hydro-frac, Radial drilling, Microbial to name a few. Company has in-house experts who stay up-to-date with the global shift in technology and constantly upgrade the process of operation.

Growth and Expansion Plans

The Raniganj block has occurrence of organic shales below the coal reservoir, which is a prolific additional upside. In addition to this, EOGEPL is currently producing ~9 lac SCMD of gas contributing 65% of India's total CBM production and strive to achieve 1 million SCMD very soon. In four years, EOGEPL envisions to achieve ~~4.5mmscmd CBM production.

Contributing to meeting India's energy needs

To fulfil Honourable PM Modi's vision of seeing India as a gas-based economy, and to take gas in the energy mix from 6% currently to 15% by 2030, Essar will be at its frontage to give its best bet. EOGEPL aims to produce at least ~5% of India's total gas production.

Since CBM in India has the potential to displace imported LNG to some extent and help in reducing the import bills, EOGEPL will strive to be the most active CBM participant in driving this vision.

Commitment to sustainability and ethical resource planning

As per a study, CBM emits 49%, 27% and 15% less carbon than coal, diesel and propane, respectively.  Development and utilisation of CBM is of great socio-economic benefit. EOGEPL stands at the forefront of this greener vision of CBM development. EOGEPL aims at bringing sustainability by moving towards low carbon emitting fuels, resurging the quality of air, improving lives of our future generations, and contributing towards making a cleaner and greener India.

The company abides by all the government guidelines, follows a robust environment, health, and safety management system, and prioritizes ethical and energy-efficient development. By striving to harmonise economic advancement with ecological and societal accountability, EOGEPL is paving the way towards a renewable energy terrain that is environmentally sustainable.

Awards and Recognition

The innovation and initiative at EOGEPL to make natural gas accessible has been recognised by industry leaders. EOGEPL was awarded the Best CBM Operator for developing CBM-Raniganj Block as a showcase of ‘Truly Sustainable Project’ at the Gasification India 2018. It has also been nominated as the ‘ESG champions of India 2023’ by international carbon consulting firm D&B.