New initiatives

Here’s sharing some of the groundbreaking strategies that we have in the planning stage. As a forward-thinking company, we constantly strive to innovate and explore new avenues to maximise the potential of our resources. Let’s delve into the exciting initiatives that we have in queue:

Horizontal wells: redefining extraction techniques

EOGEPL is at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge technology in the energy sector. In line with this commitment, we are currently exploring the potential of horizontal wells. This innovative approach enables us to access previously untapped reserves, leading to greater resource utilisation. Through this initiative, we aim to optimise field’s resource extraction in the most sustainable way.

Gas to chemical: transforming natural gas into valuable products

In our new initiatives, we are focused on leveraging advanced technologies to convert natural gas into high-value chemical products. By adopting gas-to-chemical processes, we can unlock the true potential of natural gas and contribute to the production of essential materials used in various industries.

Expansion in new geographies: pioneering energy solutions worldwide

As a global energy company, EOGEPL is continuously exploring opportunities to expand its operations into new geographies. We are actively identifying regions with untapped potential, where our expertise and innovative solutions can make a significant impact.