Technology and innovations

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is carried out in CBM wells to enhance the productivity of the wells. EOGEPL has carried out more than 2,000 frac jobs in the Raniganj field, which has resulted in achieving a daily production of 1 million SCMD. EOGEPL holds expertise in carrying out frac pack, tip screen out, and high volume jobs in CBM formations. The company has also increased the productivity from deeper CBM wells by using advanced hydraulic fracturing design with a cleaner fluid system (HVFR) and combination of high end sand proppants resulting in large job size of 10,000-15000 lbs/ftt of seam thickness. With research and development into designing larger frac jobs in CBM wells, EOGEPL successfully pumped the largest frac job in CBM wells by placing 300,000 lb proppant inside the formation.


Microbial treatment is a standard ‘enhanced recovery method’ used in the oil & gas industry to increase reserves. This technology has been successfully implemented by TERI-OEC on a trial basis in some Indian CBM blocks. In this method of treatment, the nutrient solution is injected into the identified well and the well is shut in for a soaking period of 1 to 2 months before it is put into production once again.

EOGEPL has collaborated with The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) and ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) to establish the potential of eCBM Microbial technology in the Raniganj-East Block of the company. The feasibility test of the technique has been completed in collaboration with TERI-OEC and in parallel R&D with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-ISM) Dhanbad. The field trial has been successfully concluded. At present EOGEPL is in the process of implementing Microbial method in full-field application. While in this process, EOGEPL has earned the operational expertise to execute Microbial method on field scale. The investment in Microbial eCBM technology further showcases EOGEPL’s commitment to increasing production and reserves base (by 5 to 10%). With this initiative, we aim to upsurge gas production while contributing towards our Hon. PM’s vision of becoming a ‘gas-based economy’ by the next decade.”

Water Treatment and Management

India has enormous proven coal reserves and thus holds significant prospects for the exploration and exploitation of CBM. EOGEPL is one of the largest CBM exploration & production (E&P) companies in India. CBM produced water handling is a costly affair and managing the CBM produced water economically could help achieve the vision of India being a gas-based economy.

CBM “produced water” is extracted from a coalbed, stored at a well pad, and is processed through some combination of treatment through reverse osmosis, disposal, storage, or reuse, subject to compliance with statutory regulations. Produced water is collected at the water treatment plant through underground pipeline, followed by treatment through advance multistage membrane separation technology to achieve the best quality of water.

The water treatment plants are operated & maintained by OEM (Original Equipment’s Manufacturer) vendor with experienced & expert professionals. The quality of treated water is monitored through online monitoring system and assured by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited laboratory which fulfill internal requirements and benefits many local villagers who utilise it for agricultural purpose.

Coring and well Drilling

Exploration and development of CBM field is one of the key strengths of EOGEPL. We have successfully drilled coring wells at depth ranges from 500 m – 1,750 m for CBM and did extended studies for the same. While coring is the key to understand the CBM potential, finding solutions for coal seams to extract CBM from greater depth is one of the most difficult challenges. EOGEPL is working towards the solution, and the stepping stone for the same is to successfully drill deep core wells, which EOGEPL has done successfully. From innovation to optimisation, EOGEPL has mastered the art of coring in CBM.

It is important to be able to successfully drill the wells fast and economically without compromising the quality of well. EOGEPL has successfully mastered the art of drilling vertical and deviated wells of different depths and designs. From optimising the well design, drilling fluid to identifying right bit, BHA, casing design, to cementing, EOGEPL has vast experience as well as proficiency to deliver successful CBM wells. At present, the company is working towards successfully drilling and executing horizontal wells.

Centre of Excellence (COE)

The Government of India has set a vision to make the country a gas-based economy, by increasing the share of gas in the energy mix. EOGEPL, being a pioneer of CBM exploration and production in India, has always worked towards innovation while earning expertise in CBM by collaborating with key academic institutions and Global CBM experts. EOGEPL proposes to set up a Centre of Excellence in collaboration with global experts from the CBM industry and academia.

The Centre of Excellence in Coal Bed Methane is envisioned to be a one-stop resource center, working in partnership with industry and institutions to raise domestic productivity, enhance technological collaborations, develop innovative solutions and align training & research with industry needs. EOGEPL will house the state-of-the-art integration facility equipped with industry standard CBM softwares. The R&D facility will be provided by country’s top quartile academic and research institutes (IIT-ISM Dhanbad and CIMFR Dhanbad). Global knowhow of exploration, development and production will be integrated by CBM industry experts from across the globe.

EOGEPL envisions to becoming the global leader in CBM and providing solutions to the CBM operators worldwide.

Digitization and Automation

Digitization and the application of technology enable us to improve monitoring process that was otherwise done manually. One interface, with digitalisation representing all the necessary monitoring parameters of Well, Facility and Customer End, helps the management to make decision promptly and more effectively. Automation enables us to implement the decisions on the fly and ensure smooth operations, leading to better scalability. From well optimisation to seamless gas delivery to customer end and all the processes in between is ensured by digitalisation and automation. This will lead to increased well uptime thereby leading to increased production and reduced operating cost of the field.


Being the pioneer in Indian CBM spectrum, EOGEPL has always been working towards innovation and applying new technologies for continuous growth. Enhanced CBM production is still an area under R&D, and CO2 sequestration is one such key method under research since the last decade. EOGEPL is also collaborating with prime academic institutes to find the feasibility of CO2 sequestration to achieve enhanced production of CBM. This will not only enable to achieve greater reserve potential for CBM, but shall also lead us towards the target of zero CO2 emission.