Largest CBM Producer in India

82 BCF of gas produced to date

Currently producing ~65% of India's total CBM production, establishing us as the highest CBM producer in India to date

350 drilled wells with a pipeline of 200 additional wells

Currently operating 350 drilled wells, we are poised for growth through the addition of 200 horizontal and deviated wells in the next 18-24 months

4 TCF of CBM and 8 TCF of Shale resources to unleash

EOGEPL has massive resource potential that can put forth tremendous opportunities in future

Handling one lakh SCMD of CBM gas

Largest single place CNG facility for efficient distribution and utilisation

Firm contract with AAA+ rated Indian maharatna, GAIL (India) Ltd

Our firm contract with GAIL (India) Ltd., an AAA+ rated Indian maharatna company, demonstrates our commitment to reliability, ensuring seamless integration with ‘Urja Ganga Pipeline’ and eliminating any evacuation risk.

R & D and technological advancement

Use of drones, eCBM technology such as microbial, automation of well working, etc

Welcome to the world of EOGEPL

Fueling India for a brighter future

Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Limited (EOGEPL), an investee company of Essar Global Fund Limited, is transforming India’s energy sector with its ground breaking production of Unconventional Hydrocarbons. As the first operator to demonstrate CBM commerciality, EOGEPL is operating India’s highest producing CBM field with over 82 BCF of gas produced till date. With over ₹ 5,500 crores+ invested so far, EOGEPL is leading the charge towards a cleaner, and greener future.  


Unconventional assets of EOGEPL


In 1998, EOGEPL signed a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with the government of India for the Mehsana block. In 2003, the company was granted a Petroleum Exploration License (PEL), allowing it to explore and extract hydrocarbon resources from the area. The production phase started in 2005, and since then, Mehsana has cumulatively produced over 1,30,000 barrels of oil.


Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Limited (EOGEPL) has been unearthing the potential of the Raniganj CBM (Coal Bed Methane) block since 2005, the year when the company was granted Petroleum Exploration License (PEL). Present in the Burdawan district of West Bengal, Raniganj block is a notable fuel supplier for the region.

01. Tech-driven approach for better production

EOGEPL's unconventional hydrocarbon production is backed by state-of-the-art surveys, specialised coring, and cutting-edge technologies like Hydro-frac, Radial drilling, and Microbial. Our in-house experts stay ahead of the curve and constantly upgrade the operations to reap the best products and output from the field.

02. Contributing to meeting India's energy needs

To fulfil Honourable PM Modi's vision of seeing India as a gas-based economy, and to increase gas in the energy mix from 6% currently to 15% by 2030, Essar will be at its frontage to give its best bet. By 2030, EOGEPL aims to produce at least ~5% of India's total gas production.

CBM in India has the potential to displace imported LNG to some extent and help in reducing the import bills. EOGEPL will strive to be the most active participant in driving this vision.

03. Committed to more than just gas production

EOGEPL is committed to the well-being of the community as well as the environment. Through initiatives like Sufalam and Project Neelsikha, EOGEPL is improving the lives of local agrarian communities by providing medical vans, free cooking gas to the needy for cooking mid-day meals, and skill training programs. Its dedication to health, livelihood, education, and sports infrastructure development has a positive impact on the entire district.

FAQ & Information

EOGEPL emphasizes R&D and technological advancements to drive operational efficiency and sustainability. We utilize cutting-edge technologies such as drones, eCBM (enhanced Coal Bed Methane) technology like microbial methods, and automation of well working processes to enhance our operations and reduce environmental impact.

EOGEPL embraces innovation and technology as key drivers of success. We continually invest in advanced technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative methodologies to enhance exploration, production efficiency, and optimize resource utilization. Our commitment to innovation enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry.

EOGEPL is focused on Unconventional Hydrocarbon production in India. Our pioneering efforts started with the first R&D CBM wells we drilled and test flowed in 1992 in Mehsana, Gujarat. Since then, we have emerged as the first operator to have demonstrated the CBM commerciality in the country with our Raniganj East CBM Block. EOGEPL is the only company in India to produce highest ever CBM gas of over 82 billion cubic feet. We have, so far, invested more than Rs.5000 crore in this project. Today, we have 348 CBM wells drilled with state of the art compression and gathering facilities (upto 3.0 million cubic metres of gas handling) and 236 km of infield and 64 km of customer pipeline set-up indigenously. EOGEPL also has the largest compression facility in India at one place. Our current compressing capacity is 1lac SCMD supplying CNG to GAIL Ranchi, Rourkela, IOCL, Adani through GAIL, HP in Hooghly area and Bengal Gas for Kolkata region displacing diesel – thus helping in saving carbon footprint.

EOGEPL is at the forefront when it comes to R&D in the field with best in class technologies such as Hydro-frac, Radial drilling and Microbial to name a few. Also, Essar is the lowest cost CBM producer in the country.

EOGEPL is currently producing ~9 lac SCMD of gas, contributing to 65% of India’s total CBM production and we strive to achieve 1 million SCMD very soon. If we gauge the scale, it is equivalent to serving around ~130,000 cars per day. The Raniganj block also has occurrence of thick organic shales below the coal reservoir, which is a prolific additional upside. Initial Shale gas studies by various agencies (ONGC, GSI, CMPDI, etc.) are extremely encouraging.

EOGEPL has in place resource of ~4 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of CBM and 8 TCF of shale resources.

EOGEPL currently has around 350 vertical drilled wells in place. Additionally, EOGEPL plans for future growth with a pipeline of horizontal and deviated wells. We are also initiating a drilling campaign for an additional 200 wells (both Horizontal and vertical) within the next 18-24 months.

Yes, EOGEPL operates the largest single-place compressed natural gas (CNG) facility. Our compression facility has a capacity of 100,000 standard cubic meters per day (SCMD) of CBM gas, providing a reliable and efficient CNG supply.

With ESG commitments for industries, we need to think about switching and transitioning towards cleaner fuel sources. CBM emits 49%, 27% and 15% less carbon than coal, 27% less than diesel and 15% less than propane, respectively. By displacing these high emission fuel, CBM can play a crucial role in reducing emissions significantly.

At this juncture, where we are witnessing a global crisis, India remains a huge energy importer. The Eastern part of the country has seen a sharp increase in energy demand without any corresponding increase in supply from existing conventional oil and gas play. The region however has one of the largest coal deposits as part of the Damodar valley basin and presents a huge opportunity for CBM development. India has an overall prognosticated CBM resources of ~2.6 trillion cubic metres (92 TCF) spread in 12 states divided into 33 blocks. However, there are only 3 producing blocks and are yet producing not more than ~2mmscmd combined. Hence it is clearly evident that there is a huge untapped market and potential for CBM in India.

The gas demand is expected to grow exponentially in eastern India driven by upcoming fertilizer capacity and CGG network in the region. The gas demand in the region is expected to exceed ~15mmscmd in the coming years, given the limited supply of indigenous gas in the eastern region, this demand will have to be met through high cost R-LNG. CBM development in the region can displace the costly R-LNG and has the potential to not only meet this deficit but also result in saving of ~$2bn USD through direct subsidy to fertilizer sector and forex savings from reduced LNG imports.

The Indian CBM market is not yet recognised as a mainstream business. Unlike China and Australia which have amplified their CBM production significantly on the back of government’s aggressive support such as including CBM production targets in their five-yearly plans, subsidizing the sector to bring in more investors, helping with the infrastructure development and subsidizing the R&D cost, we are yet at the discussion stage and need more aggression and inclusion towards this sector. India currently imports around 50% of its LNG to meet the country’s gas requirement. CBM has the potential to displace 10-30% of this requirement in the near term and save on India’s LNG import bills by $2bn to the exchequer.

For business opportunities or inquiries, you can reach out to us through our official website or contact our corporate headquarters. Our team will be glad to assist you and provide the necessary information.

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